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Sweets & Superheroes: A Seduced by the Geek Short Story

She wants to be seduced by the geek…
Every time Wes comes into Emma’s candy store, he hardly says more than two words to her. Eager to know more about him, Emma goes to the comic book shop where Wes spends his Friday nights and proves she’s more than just a pretty face.

He wants more than sweets from her…
Wes can’t stand the idea of taking a chance on something he’s not sure of, like a gorgeous woman who doesn’t seem to be his type. Even when Emma shows they have more in common than expected, he’s still not sure he wants to give in to his lust. But when he and Emma catch two guys trying to rob her store, he proves he’s not just the strong, silent type.

Now he’s her superhero.
It only takes one moment for Emma to see that behind Wes’ shy exterior is a man waiting to take charge and make her all his. She just has to let him know she wants to belong to him and him alone.

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